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:: Chargers

PDS Design Solutions LTD specialise in the design and manufacture of custom converters / power supplies and LEAD ACID CHARGERS (As shown Below) for a wide range of applications ranging from Industrial, Telecommunications, Scientific Instruments to Medical, control systems.

All our products are CE marked, which guarantees that they conform to all relevant safety standards and European directives.

:: 150 Watt Lead Acid Battery Charger :: SC-150-Series

150 Watt Single Output Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger

AC Input range selectable by Switch
Charger for Lead-acid batteries
Built-in constant current limiting circuit
Built-in Temperature Compensation circuit
Alarm Signal Output (OPTIONAL)
2 Years Warranty

Output VDC
13.5V at 11.2A
27V at 5.6A
54V at 2.8A

199mm x 110mm 50mm 

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:: 30W Power Adaptor with Charging Function :: GC30B

Desk Top PSU with IEC320-C8
30 Watt with Charging Function
108mm x 67mm x 36mm

Universal AC Input
Class II (without earth pin)
No load power consumption <1.0W
Constant Current and Voltage (CC , CV)
Suitable for continue load
2 colour LED indicator for loading status
Fully enclosed plastic case
High reliability
2 Years Warranty

Fitted with 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 11mm Ctre + 

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:: 55 Watt PSU with Battery Charger :: AD 55

55W~155W No. of Output 1,2

Choice of Outputs
Universal AC Input
2 Years Warranty

Features * With UPS function (need external batteries)
* Suitable for security industry or battery backup systems


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:: 150W with Battery Charger and PFC :: AD 155

155 Watt series of PSU with 1-2 Output with Battery Charging function

Universal AC Input (PFC > 0.92)
Battery Low and Battery Polarity Protection
2 Years Warranty

Choice of Output Voltages 

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:: Three Stage Charger for Lead Acid Battery :: 2043

Three Stage Lead Acid Battery Charger
Max 10A Load

Universal AC Input
3 Step Charge Control with timer
Power Factor Correction
Unaffected by Mains Fluctuations
Reverse polarity protected & Short Circuit Proof
Leads with Battery Clips
Mains Cord supplied 

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:: 230VAC Only Three Stage Charger :: 2047

230VAC Input Only - 3 Step Charger Max 10A Load

3 Step Charge Control with timer
Unaffected by Mains fluctuations
Protected against reverse polarity and Short Circuit Proof
Leads with battery clips
LED Indicator with 3 different colours 

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:: FXP150 Lead Acid Charger :: FXP150-06

I/P 90-264VAC, O/P 6.75VDC at 22.2A

High Reliability
Thermal protection as standard
Float Charge @ 2.25V / Cell
Constant current / Voltage Charge
Low Profile - High density format
Conforms to international safety regulations
Internal ORing diode to prevent battery discharge


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8 variants of this product.

:: FX200 Lead Acid Charger :: FX200-06


The FX200 float/boost charger series offers an industry standard footprint ideal for use within 19` rack systems or simply as stand alone. Mounted vertically the product offers a 6 U format whilst a 2 U format is offered if mounted horizontally. Optional features include inhibit / enable control, powerfail and charger output OK signal. Internal ORing diode fitted as standard. 

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8 variants of this product.

:: FX300 Lead Acid Charger :: FX300-06


The FX300 float / boost charger series offers 300W of charging power within an industrial standard. Available with either DIN Connectors or screw terminals as required. Front panel options are available to specification. Optional features include input auto-select, current share for parallel use, inhibit / enable control, mains powerfail and charger output OK signal. 

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7 variants of this product.

:: FX550 Lead Acid Charger :: FX550-06

I/P AUTOSELECT AC, O/P 6.75V at 81.5A

The FX550 float/boost charger series offers high reliabilty and performance within the mid-band power bracket and has proven to be popular for applications requiring a high autonomy. Optional features mains input auto select, top or side fan cooling, powerfail, charger output OK, inhibit / enable control and current share for parallel use. Internal ORing diode fitted as standard. 

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7 variants of this product.

:: FXP600 Lead Acid Charger :: FXP600-12

I/P 90-264VAC, O/P 13.5VDC at 44.4A

The FXP600 series offers a high performance / high efficiency battery charging source for numerous applications. It`s low profile make it particularly ideal for applications where space is critical. A host of standard options are available including temperature compensation along with custom options required. 

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6 variants of this product.

:: Lead Acid Battery Charger Max 40A :: 9541

Lead Acid Battery Charger available with a
12 (13.8VDC)at 40A or 24 (27.6VDC) at 20A Output Voltage.

Automatically Switches from boost mode to float charge
Temperature compensated charge voltage - heat sensor located externally
Not affected by mains fluctuations
Can be used as a power source. Does not interrupt automatic charging
Protected against reversed polarity and short circuit proof. Thermal protected.
Overvoltage protection at Input (MOV against transients)
3 Pins IEC 320 connector
Screw Terminals for 0.5-16mm2 wire cross section 

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:: 400W / 900W Battery Charger :: BCi Series

A new series of intelligent battery chargers that can be set up to charge your chosen battery type.

Available with a choice of 24, 36 or 48VDC Outputs in a 400W or 900W base model.
These units can be used in staionary or vehicle applications, because of its vibration-proof construction.
We factory set the charger to have the characteristics as required by the type of battery you have chosen to use. 

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:: Automatic Battery Charger :: BCM12-15-2

The BCM1215/2 is a full 3 stage charger and has 2 outputs so can charge 1 or 2 batteries at up to 15A max.

Input 180-270VAC
Output Float Voltage 13.8V +/-0.01VDC
Boost Voltage 14.4V +/-0.1VDC
Boost-Float changeover when charging the current drops to 3A +/-0.75A
Charging Current 15A +/-0.8A @ 12V O/P
2 Outputs (built in diode splitters, sensing off one output)
Convection Cooled
Full spec to download 

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:: 24 Volt Switch Mode Battery Charger :: BCM2408/2

The BCM Series is an intelligent range of Switch Mode, affordable, Battery Chargers. Full Spec PDF attached.

I/P 180-270VAC, O/P 27.6V at 8A
Float Voltage 27.6V +/-0.02VDC
Boost Voltage 26.8V +/-0.2VDC
Boost-Float Changeover: when charging the current drops to 1.5A +/-0.4A
Charging Current @ 24V O/P 8A +/-0.4A
Number of Outputs x 2
Convection Cooled
170 x 155 x 65mm - 1.2KG 

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3 variants of this product.

:: 108W/216W Desk Top PSU/Charger :: ESP/ESC 120/240

A range of Desk Top Power Supplies or Chargers offering 108W or 216W of Output Power.

80-132 / 176-264VAC Switch Selectable
Short Circuit/Over load/Over voltage/Over Temp protections
3 Colour LED Loading Indicator
Battery under / over voltage and polarity protection (ESC Models only)
108W Free Air Convection / 206W Built-in DC Fan with On/Off auto control at 50 Deg C
Approvals: CSA / NRTLC / CE
2 Years Warranty
13.5VDC @ 8A / 16A
27VDC at 4A / 8A
54VDC at 2A / 4A
Full spec attached 

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:: FX850 Lead Acid Charger :: FX850-12

I/P AC OPTIONS, O/P 13.5VDC at 63A

The FX850 float / boost charger offers exceptional charging performance and is very popular for use in applications within the UPS industry. Internal ORing Diode fitetd as standard. 

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6 variants of this product.

:: FXP1000 Lead Acid Charger :: FXP1000-24

I/P 90-264VAC, O/P 27.6VDC at 36.2A

Low profile 1kw battery charger series. Available with many options. Used in many UPS applications. 

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6 variants of this product.

:: 180-240W Battery Charger :: PB-240-12

I/P 90-132 / 180-264VAC Switch Select, O/P 14.4V at 12.5A Continuous

Optimal 3 Stage charging characteristics
AC Input range selectable by switch
Passive PFC compliance to EN61000-3-2 )optional)
Protection: Short Circuit/Over Load/Over Temp/Reverse Polarity
Charger for LEAD ACID Batteries
Built-in On/Off power switch
3 Poles AC Inlet (IEC320-C14)
2 Colour LED loading
Cooling by free air convection
High reliabilty
2 Years Warranty 

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2 variants of this product.

:: 360W Single Output Battery Charger :: PB-360-12

I/P 90-132 / 180-264VAC, O/P 14.4V at 20A

Optimal 3 Stage charging characteristics
AC Input selected by switch
Passive PFC compliance to EN61000-3-2 class A (optional)
Short circuit/ Over load/ Over voltage / Over temp / Reverse polarity
Charger for lead-acid batteries
Built-in On/Off power switch
3 Poles AC Inlet (IEC32-C14)
2 Colour LED loading indicator
Cooling by built in DC fan
High reliability
2 Years Warranty

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1 variants of this product.

:: Battery Charger / Rectifier :: PSR06-W Series

Three Stage Charger, Fully adjustable via keys & displays.
Chassis / Wall mounting box with glands.

230V AC Input +15%/-20% - 47-63Hz
Four Models:
24VDC @ 20A, 48VDC @ 10A, 60VDC @ 8.2A, 108VDC @ 4.5A.

Rectifiers of the PSR-W series are a combination of modern switching AC to DC power conversion technology combined with a flexible wall mounting concept.

These power supplies are especially designed for the following applications:

Power Supply for small to medium loads
Rectifiers in DC Systems with battery backup
Railroad signalling systems
Industrial control systems
Low-voltage switchgear supplies
Charging & buffering of stationary batteries in electrical power plants 

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