We are able to offer every conceivable product, be it Inverter, DC DC Converter, AC DC Converters, Mains Adaptors i.e. Plug Top, Desk Top or Voltage Droppers.

PDS Design Solutions LTD offer UK and Far East Manufacture, all of which is dependant on your specific needs, i.e. timescales, complexity and order qty.

We feel we are very well placed to offer support for all levels of enquiry, which could consist of just 1 unit through to the supply of 1000's.

We can offer good engineering support which is often invaluable in the early stages of any design through to production. In addition to this should your own manufacturing then be taken off shore we can offer smooth continuity of project hand over to our relevant manufacturing facility.




If you have not found a particular product meeting your requirement, please fill out the form below (ignoring any fields that are not applicable) and we shall contact you shortly to discuss your needs in more detail - thank you.

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