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:: Military Case Studies

PDS have worked closely with the MOD and other such organisations to provide cost effective solutions to meet with the specification required. Our NCAGE No is KC5F2, we have supplied COTS Battery Chargers for field use .
As a result we now have a range of good quality battery chargers / power supplies and UPS systems.

:: 29VDC 28A IP67 Battery Charger :: FR-800-110

AC DC Battery Charger Designed for the MOD.
NSN 6130-99-259-6368

FR-800-110 IP67 rated battery Charger.
Heavy Duty Carry Handle, designed to Shock / Vibration MIL STD 810E.
Convection Cooled
-32 Deg C to +54 Deg C Operating temp
180-264VAC Input (New 110VAC Input version available)
29VDC at 28A Output
AC Via 1.5M Mains Lead
DC O/P via 8mm Terminals 

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:: 800 Watt SLA Battery Charger :: CBC-870-29

PDS designed for the MOD an in barracks battery charger, maintenance free.
NATO STOCK No.6130-99-317-5298

The battery charger operates from a 230VAC Input, via an IEC mains inlet and provides a tightly regulated 29VDC at 27.5A Output, terminated with screw terminals suitable for 8mm Spades.

Complete with Mains On, DC Output present and Overtemp indicators.

Other units in development including IP67 outdoor use units. 

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:: 19` 6KVA Stainless Steel UPS :: 6KVA UPS

PDS designed a UPS system using COTS equipment to meet detailed customer specification and requirements on size, power, EMC and ruggedness.

19 6kVA Stainless Steel UPS

The AC & DC UPS were designed to be a high qulaity but competitively priced solution for a military application, which also guarantees long term availability of spares and replacement units.


Custom built stainless steel 19 rack
UPS based on COTS UPS module
Plug and mate hypertac military connectors
15 minute high performance VRLA battery
Total 7U space
Conformal coated PCBs
Zero halogen cabling
Seperate 3U UPS & 2U battery modules


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:: 600HZ AC DC Power Supply :: VT

PDS designed a fully custom built military high specification DC power supply for an MOD ship radar.

The power supply is fed via a 600Hz input and has a QUAD +/-12/15V output with ultra low noise/ripple.

Project: Type 42 Frigate Radar
Supply: Quad DC PSU

Linear DC PSU
600Hz Input
QUAD DC output
Ultra low noise
Compact rugged design
Military connectors
Full type testing
Base mounted heat sink


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