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:: LED Dimmer

12V LED Dimmer, 24V LED Dimmer available in chassis mounting or wall mounting so as to achieve the desired LED lighting effect. Also available as 12V or 24V LED Dimmer via Infared remote controll, please also see our range of LED Power Supplies.

:: 12V @ 8A LED Dimmer Controller :: PDS7030 & PDS7031

Cost effective LED Dimmer, high quality. Allows LED`s to be dimmed from High to Low to off position or from off to Low to High via rotary potentiometer !

Precision Dimmer is a controller that can adjust brightness infinitely, and the changing effect is very
smoothly. Its control mode is knob-operated control, and you could adjust light to the appropriate lighting
brightness in accordance with your actual need.
Technical parameters
● Working temperature: -20-60 ℃
● Supply voltage: DC12V Please note 24V @8A and 48V @ 4A versions are also available please ask for details.
● Output: 1 channel
● External dimension: L89 Χ W59 Χ H35 mm
● Packing size: L96 Χ W64Χ H65 mm
● Net weight: 85 g
● Gross weight: 110 g
● Static power consumption: <1 W
● Output current: <8 A
● Power output: 96 W 

 Click to Download Datasheet

:: Wall Mounting Dimmer :: PDS7033 & PDS7034

Wall Mounting Dimmer 12V or 24V manual dimmer

This wall mounted dimmer unit allow you to manually adjust brightness infinitely to the desired effect. 

 Click to Download Datasheet

:: Remote Control Dimmer :: PDS7035

IR Dimmer works with both 12V & 24VDC. 12-key Infrared Dimmer Is a dedicated intelligent LED lighting dimmer controls,

Adopt the most advanced
PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology, You can manually adjust the brightness stepless.
IR wireless remote control can also be used to remote dimming; Standards for commercial or home 

 Click to Download Datasheet

:: 12V - 8A Touch Sensative LED Dimmer :: PDS7046

Touch Sensative LED Dimmer 12V - 8A, 5V & 24V Versions available.

Working temperature:-20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC12VSize: 89*59*35 mm Package size: 96*64*65mm
Net weight: 55g Gross weight: 80g
0utput: 1 channel Output current : <8A
Static power: : <1W
Output power: 12V< 96W 

:: 12V -8A LED PIR Switch :: PDS7047

PIR Switch, turns on when entering a room. Ideal for LED Applications.

Working temperature:-20-60 ℃
Supply voltage: DC12V (other voltages available 5V, 24V)
Size: 89*59*35 mm Package size: 96*64*65mm
Net weight: 80g Gross weight: 100g
0utput: 1 channel PIR Switch distance:5-8m
Angle: 120℃
Static power: : <1W Output current : <8A
Output power: 12V< 96W 

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