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:: UPS Systems

PDS Design Solutions Ltd
In addition to Single and Three Phase UPS we also supply DC Products, Extended Runtime Battery Packs and Maintenance.

:: 700VA to 3000VA TOWER and RACK UPS :: Eaton 9130

Power Rating:
700 to 3000 VA Tower
1000 to 3000 Rack Mount

Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Configuration: Rackmount or tower

Protects against downtime, data loss and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power
Offers premium performance with a 0.9 power factor and >95 percent efficiency
Increases battery service life and system uptime with ABM battery charging technology
Enables prolonged runtime of essential equipment during power outages by allowing for orderly, remote shutdown of non-critical systems or processes
Provides installation flexibility with a choice of rack or tower designs, both conserving valuable space
Ensures data and system integrity with LanSafe & Netwatch power management software
Provides a two-year warranty

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:: 5KVA & 6KVA DUAL FORM Rack or Tower :: Eaton 9135

Power Rating:
5 kVA/3.5 kW; 6 kVA/4.2 kW
Voltage: 230V nominal, 200–250 Vac range
Frequency: 50/60 Hz (auto-sensing)
Configuration: Rackmount (3U) or tower

Protects mission-critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption, and process interruption by providing continuous, clean power
Shields connected equipment from damage or degradation caused by power anomalies
Enables extended backup power time for critical systems through orderly shutdown of non-essential equipment during power outages
Provides application flexibility by offering rackmount or tower installation options, in a 3U chassis
Ensures data and system integrity with a complete power management software suite
Provides two-year warranty

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:: Three Phase UPS 40-160KVA :: PowerWare 9390

40-160KVA True On-Line Technology

High Efficiency
Low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Internal Static and Manual Bypass
Comprehensive Connectivity Options

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:: Three Phase 40-80KVA :: Multi DIALOG MDT

This series of UPS include all the latest technological advantages and characteristics of our small UPS systems

Low noise level, use of high frequency inverter bridge means that the UPS produces very low noise levels and can be installed in open access environments such as an office.
Frequency Operation, the bypass can be de-activated to allow the UPS to work as a 50 or 60Hz frequency converter.
Simplified Maintenance, access for this UPS is entirely from the front of the unit. Open the door and remove the protective panel and the power components - mounted on a sliding tray - can be pulled out to provide easy access to all the electrical and electronic components for maintenance. 

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:: LV (120VAC) CE Marked UPS :: LV Tower Or Rack Mount

LV (120VAC) - 650VA-3kVA Rack or Tower Mounted UPS. The LV range of UPS is a true on-line double conversion model designed to ensure clean no break power for critical applications

Available in both 19” rack mount and standing tower format only the LV series is designed to the latest standards to provide a safe and reliable supply to your load.
Tower Units:
EVLL650T Part No 81700 Tower 650VA/420W
EVLL850T Part No 81703 Tower 850VA/600W
EVLL1150T Part No 81705 Tower 1150VA/770W
EVLL1550T Part No 81709 Tower 1440VA/1100W

Rackmount Units:
EVLL650R-1U Part No 81701 Rackmount (1U) 650VA/420W
EVLL850R-1U Part No 81704 Rackmount (1U) 850VA/600W
EVLL1150R-1U Part No 81706 Rackmount (1U) 1150VA/770W
EVLL1550R-1U Part No 81710 Rackmount (1U) 1440VA/1100W
EVLSL2000-2U Part No 81712 Tower/Rack (2U) 2000VA/1600W

:: Pin Plus Series 700VA~10000VA True Online UPS :: Alpha Pin Plus 700-10000

Tower models available from 700VA - 10KVA
Rackmount models available from 700 – 6000VA

PDS`s Pin Plus UPS Series provide safe, clean, reliable power protection to networking equipment, telecommunication systems and other mission-critical applications. The Pinnacle Plus’s advanced fully digitized microprocessor controlled technology can quickly react to varying output conditions and continually offer pure sine wave power to critical equipment with zero transfer time. The advanced, scalable battery charger shortens the battery recharge time while prolonging the life of the battery. With true RS-232 two-way communication that sends signals to both the network and computer, the Pinnacle Plus can be monitored, shut down, or programmed with an on/off date, using its own software.

True online, double conversion technology
Pure sine wave output with zero transfer time
Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
Frequency Regulation
Standard serial and UPS connections, SNMP optional
Extended backup times up to 8 hours at full load
24 month warranty

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8 variants of this product.

:: Ali Elite 600VA - 3000VA :: PDS ALI ELITE

Tower models from 600 - 3000VA
Rackmount models from 800 - 2000VA

PDS ALI Elite UPS is a microprocessor-controlled, pure sine wave, line interactive UPS featuring advanced Auto Voltage Regulation (AVR) with boost and buck. The AVR provides a wider input voltage operating range that results in fewer transfers and extends battery life. All PDS ALI Elite models include graphical interfaced, user-friendly software capable of safe unattended PC shutdown. Additional features include: smart battery management, automatic frequency selection, smart communication, optional SNMP, TCP/IP base power management software and dry contact relay alarms.

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10 variants of this product.

:: Pinnacle Plus Series 8Kva - 10Kva :: Pin + 8000 & 10000

True Online Technology provides total power protection, Pure sine wave output with less than 3% THD, Advanced Battery Management (ABM)

The state of the art DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology of the Pinnacle
Plus Series provides pure sine wave and zero transfer time back-up power. Both RS-232 and USB ports are
available to provide two-way communication to local workstations, servers and with the optional network SNMP
interface card full network communications are available.
Additional features include: Programmable Load Segmentation making it possible to save battery power for the
most critical equipment, fax and modem surge protection, high efficiency mode, multiple language LCD
display and (DC Power on) cold start. Advanced battery management, system diagnostics and user “hot swap”
battery replacement capability ensures continous power availability. 

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2 variants of this product.

:: Three Phase UPS 10-30KVA :: TRI-Power X 33T Series

The Tri-Power X33T uses double online conversion (VFI) technology.

The load is always powered by the Inverter ensuring a filtered and stabilised sinusoidal voltage. The Input filters significantly increase the immunity of the load to mains noise and lightning. The TRI-Power is able to operate as an Eco Mode / Line Interactive UPS, and selection can be made manually or automatically. 

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:: Three Phase UPS 40-80KVA :: TRI-Power X33T

Models: 40-80KVA
Online Double Conversion (VFI)technology where the load is always powered by the inverter.

LCD Display with LED`s
2 x RS232 Communications port
EPO: Emergency Power Off Connector
Remote alarms contacts and frequency converter
PFC Circuit, active control and static bypass
Slot for SNMP expansion or another RS232 

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