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:: Manual Bypass Switch

Manual Bypass Switch for UPS & electrical installations. These standard off the shelf Manual Bypass Switch are used by some of the leading UPS & electrical wholesalers so as to bypass a UPS or Load, so as to carrying out routine maintenance or bypass a UPS in safety critical application.

:: Manual Bypass Switch 20A - 160A :: MBPS

Our range of external UPS manual bypass switches, have been designed to allow isolation of UPS standby systems for routine servicing, repair or removal without disrupting power to the critical load.

The Manual Bypass Switches are avilable as rotary switches or static type
Ratings for rotary type switches are available - 20A to 160A either two pole or four pole switches. The static version is currently available at either 10A or 16A single phase only
The MMBS escutcheon reads Normal/Test/Bypass as standard, other escutcheon plates are available
All enclosures are of sheet steel design
All switches are key lockable or pad lockable in all 3 positions
The MMBS enclosures are provided with full connection instructions for easy electrical installation.
Alternative combination and designs are available
Alternative distribution enclosures are also available which can provide the UPS installation with optional power distribution outlets and typically house local incoming isolators, MMBS, and customer specified MCB`s.
The benefit of a MMBS is that the UPS can be serviced or completely removed without disruption to the critical load, hence avoiding any down time.

Wiring is to terminals via a removable gland plate on rotary switches and to IEC sockets on the static version. These wall mounted MMBS enclosures can be retrofitted to an existing UPS installation, or provided as part of the initial contract. 

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