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:: Desktop/Workstation UPS

:: Liebert / Emerson PSP 350-500Va :: PSP350 / PSP500

This new off-line model is a full featured UPS that delivers cost-effective power protection in a compact package. It is ideally suited for professional workstation, small routers and bridges, point-of-sales terminals and other sensitive electronics.


•Three battery-backed UPS outlets, and one surge
protection-only outlet differentiated by color
•USB port, MultiLink Software shutdown software,
and USB cable
•User replaceable batteries
Higher Availability:
•Up to four minutes of battery backup time at full load.Protects against lightning, spikes and surges
•Full sequenced battery testing
•Advance early warning of UPS shutdown
•RJ-45 port for data line surge protection
Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership:
•Two-Year replacement warranty
•Optional one year warranty extension
The Liebert PSP Is Ideally Suited For:
•Professional workstations
•Small routers and bridges
•Point-of-sale terminals
•Other sensitive electronics 

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:: Liebert / Emerson PSA 500-1500VA :: PSA500 - PSA 1500

The Liebert PSA is an economical line-interactive UPS that offers full-featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment.

Liebert PSA is a line-interactive UPS that provides up to five minutes of back-up time at full load -- more than enough time to save work in progress and shut down the connected equipment. USB shutdown software and a USB cable are also included. The UPS offers three or six battery-backed outlets, and one or two surge-only outlets. The UPS is available in 500VA, 650VA, 1000VA and 1500VA sizes, 120V and 230V models. 

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:: Liebert / Emerson PSI :: PSI1000 / PSI3000

The flexible design of Liebert / emerson PSI allows the UPS
to be configured as a self-standing tower or to be rack-mounted within a 2U space.

The UPS features an innovative line-interactive design incorporating
buck/boost automatic voltage regulation technology. This protects against utility voltage fluctuation by raising and lowering utility power to the level needed by the connected equipment. It also allows the UPS to prolong battery life by maximizing its time on utility power before going to battery. 

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