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:: Coil Windings - Design/Manufacture

:: Coil Windings :: Transformer Design

We are able to offer the electrical and electronics industries a wide range of wound components, all to customer specification.

Our manufacturing partner is an established ISO9001 (2000) registered manufacturer of transformers and wound components, situated in the UK. We can offer UK manufacture of transformers and coils, specifically to customer requirements, for the electrical and electronics industries. The present purpose built factory produces in excess of 3,500,000 components per year.
We can offer equivalents to Gold Seal,Avel Lindberg & Airtronics to name just a few.

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Our policy is to produce components that precisely meet with our customers specifications both in terms of performance and quality. In order to achieve this we only work with stategic partners who are at the forefront of modern technology, using the latest computer controlled machinery and test equipment, and also in the innovative use of new materials and design techniques.

We are suppliers to the electrical and electronics and automobile industries, not only in the UK but also with customers in Europe, USA and Asia. The company has built up a reputation not just for service and quality but for being willing and able to solve design problems and develop cost effective products in the most suitable format for customer requirements

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